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Damn you, Detective!—crime fiction Damn you, Detective!—a science-fiction crime story Damn you, Detective!—a sci-fi crime novel

Damn you, Detective!a Sci-Fi Crime Story by S.T. Fargo

A failed PI on the brink of bankruptcy, a blonde bombshell with rough manners and lots of dough in her pockets, and an extravagant DEA officer with dangerously kinky obsessionsall in an outsourced case in which everyone knows everything except the private eye who is supposed to investigate it. It’s a wild detective novel (a provocative cocktail of crime fiction, a humorous political story, and sci-fi bits) that leads to a ridiculously unavoidable end.

Damn you, Detective!—a Sci-Fi Crime Novel by S.T. FARGO

A funny crime story about a failed detective (Murphy Mellrow) and his sexy client, who also becomes his assistant, leads to an investigation, which surprisingly circles back to its ridiculous beginning. It's a detective novel (crime fiction with a political touch and humorous sci-fi bits) that breaks genre conventions. You can read this online book on the website for free!

“The dream I had that night literally left me dumbfounded. It was such a crazy thing that I couldn’t even believe how my mind imagined it in the first place. I dreamed that Lincoln had come to our time and zealously begged the President of the United States to teach him how to play the saxophone. Right in front of the President, the guest from David Letterman’s showthe lady who looked like an old potatokneeled, and she was taking his socks off while giving him a surprisingly skillful blowjob with a reverent expression on her face.

Near the two, I saw Jefferson as well, hanging around with a scruffy draft of the Constitution in his hand. He looked confused and desperate, trying to figure out which amendment to take out so he could put in a new one, according to which the President was obliged to receive at least four blowjobs in public places from his subordinates every single day. The goal was to achieve full transparency on the matter, eliminate any chance for a public scandal to erupt, and, at the same time, allow the head of state to attend to his duties completely satisfied and undistracted by sexual tension.

The actual problem was that the volume was already so full, and all the amendments were so relentlessly referring to one anothersometimes mutually exclusivethat it was simply impossible to add anything else. In the end, Jefferson found himself at his wit’s end and scribbled the new amendment on a ragged piece of paper, after which he attached it to the last page of the volume using a big yellow paperclip. All the journalists immediately nicknamed it “Jefferson’s loose amendment” and took turns shaking his hand and taking pictures of him embracing the United States Constitution in various poses…”

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