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Since an early age, S.T. Fargo has written tons of discontinued novels in various genres, loads of short and ultra-short stories with chaotic endings (or none at all), piles of unfinished scripts, and countless other stuff between poetry and delirious, suicidal blabbering. Most of them he tore to pieces, brutally crumpled, shredded, ritually slashed, used to make paper airplanes…or he just lost them later on, when the severe digital era arrived and it turned out he was unable to decipher his own handwriting anymore. Almost all of his books were gone!

He was not sorry thoughhis eyes were already on the future! At twenty-five, he won significant internal popularity (internal, as in within himself) with his dark poetry experiment, which he called, Man-eating Orchid. Unfortunately, this huge masterpiece proved to be too ahead of its time. Regrettably, after his initial enthusiasm, and disappointed by the unjust lack of audience, S.T. took his frustration out on his own work and soon hurled it into a prolonged and sad oblivion. As a result, in 2002, after a few other unsuccessful experiments, he completely lost himself and spiraled down the drain of his wrecked creativity.

In the following years, as a desperate attempt to “reboot”, he started studying English the hardest possible wayby writing a literary piece in a language he didn’t know! All his friends said he was a nutcase so…he ditched his friends! Soon the “Frankenstein”, which he named, 101 Trillion Bucks Cocktail, appeared. This next pearl in the line of S.T.’s works of arta very weird sci-fi novel, mixing a crime story, alien fiction, political fantasy, and detective science-fictionseriously intrigued his non-existent audience with its highly doubtful and uncertain future.

In a sense, this book finally “debugged” S.T. and between 2014 and 2016, surprisingly for himself (and all of his old friends), he finished two brand-new novels, thoroughly reedited Man-eating Orchid, and rewrote 101 Trillion under the name of Eurasian Gambit, which simply left him speechless.

Astounded and worried, he stopped and asked himself, “What the f**k… doing… how…hell… handle… damn…shi**y situation now?!”

And thus, this website actually appeared!


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